Friday, April 24, 2009


Some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are our decisions, desires, wishes i.e. our own thoughts and actions. Things not in our control are the thoughts and actions of others.

If we remember what is in our control and what not then no one will trouble or threaten us. Also we will do nothing that brings us pain. No one will hurt us or we will have no enemies.

Try to say to every difficult event that it is but an appearance and not really the thing it seems to be. Then you ask yourself,"Is this in our my control or not?" If not then do not think about it anymore.

In regards to things that you find useful or we deeply love, remember to remind yourself of their nature. Begin with the most insignificant things. If you are fond of a specific cup, remind yourself that it is just a cup. If it breaks, you will not be disturbed for you have remembered its true nature. Similarly if you kiss your beloved ones remember that you are only kissing their bodies and that you will not be apart from them if someone dies. In this way you will remember their true nature.

We aren't disturbed by things that happen, but by the interpretations of these things. Death is not terrible but the terror we feel towards death that is terrible. Therefore, when we are disturbed or upset let us not blame others. Don't demand that events happen as you wish, but wish for them to happen as they do and you will be happy.

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siddhartha said...

say i think that i dont want to think of my very desire of not to think of A has made me think of A.and the entity A may be linked to so many of my subconscious recesses.can we control it then?coscious control is a very impossible thing rather....the least concerned things may be categorized that way...but the rest?perhaps being non-judgmental to people and situations may be a solution...but then one always sees and never forms images as good,bad,lovely,arrogant...wont that lead to a loss of spice?

but a nice blog indeed it is!!