Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Thinking is the true business of life. Thinkers rule the world. They always have and always will. All people think, but the tragedy of life is that so few of us think creatively or constructively; so few recognise the fact that thought is a creative force. Every achievement in business, literature, philosophy or science has found its source and expression through the mental efforts of the world leaders. The outstanding figures of tomorrow are the creative and constructive thinkers of today.

We live in the same world and are as far apart as the difference in our thought processes. Some fail while others succeed; some are miserable, others happy. We all want to blame luck or fate or one of our fellow men, but the difference is within ourselves. We are a product of our prevailing habits of thought.

Each is building his own world from within; thought is the builder and as we use our thought forces it brings us joy or sorrow, peace or pain, success or failure. People, events and conditions are relative; every experience with which you meet has been built for you by your own interior thought processes.

The world without is merely a reflection of what you have acknowledged as true in your world within, so if the state of your health or finances is not all you desire, you must look within yourself for the cause. Regardless of what the condition is, or how it seemed to have come about, its cause had to find place in your consciousness before it came into expression. There is no such thing as luck or chance. Our lives are governed by law, by actual immutable principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times, in all places; mighty, silent, fixed laws that underlie every human action, that brings to us with exact precision the full measure of our thoughts.

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