Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last Friday we had a very pleasant experience. We were three couples coming home late after a show and just as we started the car we realised we had a flat tyre. We found that we had a spare tyre and a jack but no spanner to open the bolts. We thought of leaving the car there itself and take a cab back home. Just then a cab stopped and asked us our problem. We asked him if he could spare his spanner for a few minutes. Even on realising that we may not hire his cab he got his tool and changed the flat tyre for us. After the job was done he even refused a small token. When we said SHUKRIYA to him he replied that a thank you was all he needed. This was around 1.00 am. We were all pleasantly surprised by this great gesture from a common man. This is the spirit of Mumbai.

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