Monday, January 12, 2009


I have been wanting to write this for quite some time now. But as
all of you who read my writings know I am quite lazy, this comes
late from me.
The Australians were comprehensively beaten by South Africa in their
own backyard. In all the three tests Australia were in a winning
position. They losing the first two tests and just managing to win
the third proved that they too are a vulnerable side. The
opposition needs self belief.
The seeds of the downfall of Australia were sown by India when they
toured Australia in 2007-2008. After the Sydney test against India,
they could not play cricket to their full potential. They lost to
India on their away tour. I feel the guilt of what they did at
Sydney against India may be eating them. The entire world saw what
happened in Sydney in 2007-2008. Another reason I think of is that
there was no Steve Bucknor after Sydney. Cricket was murdered by
Ponting and Bucknor. After all there is justice in this world. And
it has come in the best possible way.
India had given a tough time to Australia way back in 2003 also. We
just hope that more teams play competitive cricket at this level and
test cricket will go on and on. Test cricket brings out the real
skill and talent of a player.

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