Friday, January 2, 2009


My kid innocently blackmailed me to take her to the movie RAB NE
. I have never been to keen to watch a Shah Rukh Khan
movie and was very reluctant to go. We were lucky enough to get
tickets for a Sunday evening show.
I found the movie very interesting and thought provoking. In my
opinion it is a neat and clean adult movie. Wondering what I am
saying. The movie is surely not for kids. The message in the movie
can be digested I guess after you become an adult. The message is
simple. When you love someone you accept the person as he or she is completely. There are no conditions. I have already written this
in one of my earlier postings. When you see God in your lover, you
know your lover is flawless, as God is always perfect. What may
seem shortcomings to you may be their strength.
The lady in the movie goes through a lot of confrontations. The
married lady in her stops her from relating emotionally with her
friend. But the woman in her feels for him. I am sure many women,
particularly in conservative countries go through the same thought
process. Feelings being an abstract entity cannot be controlled.
This does not mean starting affairs outside marriage. But
suppressing your feelings can be dangerous. One of the best ways to
tackle this situation would be to enjoy it without feeling guilty.
This is what the leading lady did for most part and all was well.
Personally, while watching the movie I imagined the climax would be
that she never comes to know the secret that her husband and lover
are same. For me that would have been a more appropriate end. But
the director and audience know the best. It is a must movie for married and single people.
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