Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Every action of body or mind which we do, every thought which we think, becomes fine and is stored as an impression in our minds. It remains latent for some time and then it rises up in the form of a mental wave and produces new desires. Strong desires are the manufacturers of new bodies. These desires are called VASANAS in Vedanta. If the longing for worldly pleasures and objects remain in anybody, even after hundreds of births, that person will be born again. Nothing can prevent the course of strong desires. Desires must be fulfilled sooner or later.

Every action of the body, sense or mind must correspond to the dormant impression stored in the subtle body. Although the growth and changes of the physical body takes place according to the necessarily acting causes, yet the whole series of actions and consequently every individual act, the condition of the body which accomplishes it, the whole process in which the body exists are nothing but the outward expressions of the latent impressions stored up in the subtle body.

The perfect suitableness of the human body rests on these desires. The organs of the senses must correspond to the principal desires which are the strongest and most ready to manifest. If there is no hunger or the desire to eat; teeth, throat and bowels will be of no use. If there is no desire to grasp or move, hands and legs will be useless. The disuse of limbs and organs can prove to be injurious.

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