Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"DREAMS ARE SURE TO COME TRUE WHEN THEY ARE CONCRETE, PRECISE AND WORKED FOR IN THE TRUE DIRECTION". We always hear people saying their dream is to be someone or be like someone or own certain luxury things or own a palatial home. However majority of us just say so without actually having visualised our dreams. A whole lot of us fall in the category we term as Sheikhchalli. Only a few visualise concrete dreams and than work towards fulfilling them.

I saw a Gujarati play "EK CHOKRI SAAV ANOKHI". The lead character is a girl who has dreamt what she wants to achieve. She works hard while enjoying all the things she loves to do. However one incident changes her entire life. She looses both her hands in an accident and for sometime looses faith in life and most importantly herself.

One day when it comes to matter of survival she uses her legs and from there she starts again working towards fulfilling her dreams by doing things with her legs. All her daily chores are attempted by the use of legs. She succeeds in doing most of her work by the use of her feet. Sounds strange and tough but it has to be seen to be believed. The girl fulfills her father's and her dreams.

I am sure watching this drama will change the lives of some people. If we are to achieve what we dream than all hurdles and obstacles can be overcomed. It is just that we have to visualise where we want to be. Not being able to have precise dreams is a weakness and majority of us have this weakness.

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