Sunday, December 27, 2009


FANTASTIC, AFLATOON, I have limited vocabulary to describe what I experienced while watching the play "KANJI VIRUDH KANJI". The lead character in the play Sachin Khedekar is just too good. What is more surprising is the fluency with which he narrates his lines.

The play draws the faintest of lines between God and Religion. With your deeds it is possible to make God come to you. We go to God for our own selfish needs. God will come to you when you welcome him with an honest and pure heart without any hidden intention. The play gives an understanding as to how religion has turned into a business.

Religion in our country is the most sensitive issue. There will be many who may find the play anti religious. They may say that the character in the play is an atheist. But as the story unfolds, it becomes evident that it is only he who has understood God and Religion. Religion is not something to be followed but to be lived. But I bet a very negligible percentage of people would understand this. In our country religion is followed as an exercise. Majority of the people just go through the rituals as instructed.

The simple truth the play projects is that believing in God is very different from being religious. But the parting line is so thin that it is almost impossible for us to distinguish between the two. Watch it, enjoy it and choose for yourself where you stand in understanding God and Religion.

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Sai, VU2SGW said...

I do agree with u. Nice and interesting write up. Keep up the good work.